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Great horror podcast

Fun podcast. They usually don’t get too negative on movies. They do a good amount of research. Relaxed conversation. Fun and easy to listen to. I appreciate the love they gave to Nightmare on Elm Street 4.I miss Jerry though. I hope he returns

Love this podcast!!!

I just love listening to Mike, and his guests. The discussions are well thought out, and always funny. As a childcare provider, I really appreciate Mike’s offbeat humor when it comes to kids, and I love when he has his daughter on. I also Ike that he’s a fellow New Englander (I’m in Vermont). Keep up the good work! 5 stars!

5 stars easy

GOATed podcast

Great podcast

Any podcast that will go into all 5 Critter movies is great in my book. Mike is a great host and is killing it with the Texas Chainsaw movies. Fun podcast to listen to.

A must listen for all horror fans

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of my favorite films of all time so I couldn’t wait for The Pod And The Pendulum to cover this masterpiece. I was completely blown away with how much time and knowledge went into this episode. Host Mike Snoonian and guests Devaughn Taylor,Brian Keiper and Nichole Goble has provided what I think is required listening for anybody that’s a TCM fan. I know every time Mike is going to release a new episode, I’m going to be in for a treat. Doesn’t get any better than this!

Every Episode is a Delight

Discovered this pod almost two years ago and it’s phenomenal. Mike is fantastic and you can feel his love and appreciation for the genre in every second. The co-hosts over time have been dynamite and bring something cool to the table for discussion. Always ready to hit play the moment a new episode drops.

Great podcast

Really enjoyable podcast here. I really appreciate the efforts that go into it! I am a Patreon subscriber as well and look forward everything The P and P cranks out. Keep it up!

My favorite horror podcast!

A few years ago, I'd watched the entire SCREAM franchise for the first time and wanted to listen to an intelligent and insightful podcast about it. After several false starts, I finally found my way to The Pod and the Pendulum and I've been an avid listener ever since. (Why it's taken me so long to leave a review is really just a matter of how little I log in to iTunes.) Still, Mike & Co. are incredibly knowledgable about all things horror and I learn something new with each new listen and am endlessly entertained from episode to episode! If you're not listening to this podcast, you should be!

A must listen for all horror fans

I absolutely love this podcast.Mike and Lindsay have great chemistry and have great conversation about some of my favorite films. I highly recommend this for everyone!

This is a compelling podcast

I started listening because of Mike on psychoanalysis and then never stopped !

This is a great Horror podcast.

I got hooked on this podcast during their deep dive on the Elm Street series a while back. I can’t recommend it enough.

Great show for discussing horror mov

I found Mike’s podcast by listening the Horror Virgin(still top show with current hosts virgin nerds!). When jenn started new show with mike, reviewing horror movies from psychological perspective, I found their presenters have great chemistry, bring gum. Both horror virgin and Psychoanalysis refered to this podcast. Love reviews of new French Extremiy. Also love giving Faculty of Horror credits due as always. I have listened to podcasts I don’t like, I just move on n and look for others. I don’t 1 star since other people might count them a 5. Love this show and the presenters!

One of the Best

It took me a long time to finally listen to Pod and the Pendulum and I don’t know what I was waiting for. Horror as a genre lends itself to the exploration of franchises and whatever combination of hosts and guests is here always do a great job of it. The Final Destination deep dive has been absolutely joyous.

Why did I wait so long??

I knew about this pod for a time, started listening a few days ago and I’m hooked. I started at the beginning (because I’m anal), it’s addictive, these are horror series fan talking about the movies they love and even ones they don’t w/o putting them down. I didn’t even skip the Scream 4 episode and I loathe that movie, but I needed to hear what the host and guest thought. I’m so excited to have a back log of stories to listen to, especially as an escape. Thanks Mike & Jerry for this great pod.

Great show

Great hosts. Great pod. Great movies

A good way to start my week!

I love looking at my phone on Sunday to see a new episode available. Jerry and Mike are entertaining and are incredibly insightful on the genre

An enjoyable and hilarious visit back to our favorite franchises

Jerry and Mike have two very different perspectives on films and both are very good, insightful and often times emotional and hilarious. The guests they get are so fun and it’s a blast to deep dive into these movies we all love.

If you took the pod out of the pendulum, you’d have a decent coming of age story

I started listening to the podcast a few weeks ago, and fell in love with the first episode (which was the HalloweeN 6 episode, since I saw Daniel Farrands was guest). I love the variety of guests and the analysis of the films, as opposed to a plot summary based approach. I was so engulfed in the discussions I binged the entire catalogue in the past month and just joined the patreon. Can’t wait till you tackle TCM, Saw, and Nightmare on Elm Street!

Rad as hell

Well-researched, informative without dryness, and interesting. The political commentary is fantastic and relevant, and I’m thrilled that it pisses off all the right people. Highly recommend.

A must listen for all horror fans

I can`t express enough how enjoyable and insightful every episode is. Highly recommended


This is probably one of the most underrated podcast for horror movies. They go really in-depth of why the movie was made, character analogies and all around cover everything you want to know about the movie. Mike and Jerry know what they are talking about. This podcast is a hidden jem that everyone should know about. (Bonus) They interview directors and actors who were involved in the films sometimes. (My personal podcast favorites) Friday the 13th Series.... Alien series..... Halloween series....

Good for the most part

I enjoy a handful of horror podcasts and The Pod and the Pendulum is certainly one of them. It’s cool that they go through entire franchises from start to finish covering the good, the bad and the ugly. The hosts clearly do a good amount of research in preparation for the episodes which is appreciated and their love of cinema shines through. The only thing about the podcast that rubs me the wrong way is the social justice warrior, progressive, anti-capitalism stuff that creeps through a little bit at times and in much greater amounts other times. I was excited to listen to the Alien episode (which was generally great) but the amount of seemingly liberal or left wing opinion politics that were injected into it were a downer for me and kinda took me out of the listening experience. It’s their podcast and they can say whatever they want but it’s just not what I want to hear during a horror podcast. Overall, I enjoy the podcast and would recommend it to horror fans looking for deep dives into the films they love. I just wish they’d keep the political opinion commentary out of it. 4/5 stars.

Good hosts, good friends

The research Mike and Jerry do to prepare for this is fantastic. The quality of the guests are on point. Good people, too. And I love supporting good people. Great deep dives of our favorite franchises.

5 STARS!!!!

Knowledgeable and Passionate!! An Excellent PodCast for Horror fans!! Love the format, love the tackling of an entire series 1 episode at a time. Gary.

Great New Find.

Love the content. Also love the idea of starting a franchise and reviewing all the movies one episode at a time. Keep up the great work!!

Great Listen!

These guys and gals do a great job and take a deep dive into some iconic horror franchises.

A Fun Journey

A terrific exploration and invitation to revisit full and iconic horror series. Laughs and interesting facts and new lens with which to consider. Looking forward to their take on other franchises!

Insightful and entertaining

Just found this podcast and I’m bingeing everything to get caught up. Really enjoy their insights into these moves we all grew up with. The 6 star Tokyo Dome inside (pro wrestling) joke at the end of episode 1 cracked me up. Well done!

Excellent podcast

I watched most of the Friday the 13th for first time recently listening to these after was very fun. Even watched Christine for the first time while waiting for the next episode. Keep it going.

Amazing podcast!

Newer podcast that is quickly becoming one of my favorites. This show has a great vibe and I appreciate how they celebrate the positives of these movies without bashing on some of the not so great things. Highly recommend this for a listen.